Types of Special Care in Richmond and Central London

Our team of caretakers is well-versed in caring for people suffering from a wide range of ailments. This special care can be delivered to your or your loved one in an array of arrangements, tailored to best suit your needs and lifestyle.

When it comes to conditions, certain people will require more help than others. Our caretakers throughout Richmond and Central London provide support for a multitude of the most pressing and impending conditions, including the following:

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia and Other Special Care

Any of the above can prove debilitating to the sufferer. However, with the right support and on-hand care from one of our caretakers, a loved one with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and many other ailments can still maintain a happy and functional life in the comfort of their own homes, when travelling or when working. We ensure you will remain able to fulfill your desired hobbies and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Disability Care in Richmond and Central London

Disabilities can vary from minor to severe, and the length of caretaking required can vary accordingly. Speak to us about your specific needs and we will allow you complete peace of mind. The aim of our disability caretakers in Central London and Richmond is to provide full concentration to an individual, helping them maintain as much independence as possible. We focus on preserving your favoured lifestyle as much as possible, and can also be relied upon to assist with PA work, business work, travel, holidays, housework, shopping, personal care, companionship, support with carfare, and more.

Senior Care in Richmond and Central London

Our caretakers are very understanding of the needs of the elderly. They will assist you or your loved one with daily errands, needs, work, travel and hobbies at their own pace, helping them to lead their regular lives with just that little bit of additional aid.

If you have found yourself struggling to cope with your senior years, a mental condition or physical impediment, get in touch with our team of special carers in Richmond or Central London to discuss your needs.