Respite Home Care Richmond

Respite care, or short-term care, is the ideal solution to any caregiver seeking some relief from their responsibilities. Our respite care offers a temporary stay complete with on-hand assistance for your loved one, allowing you to find some respite whenever you need it, such as when you are going on holiday or traveling for work.

Caring for your loved one can become a full-time job, especially if they are sick, very old or struggling with a condition. While you love them dearly, there is no shame in needing some space and time to invest in your own life. Especially when you consider the balancing act of juggling your own family, work commitments, social activities and other inevitable time constraints.

How Long is Respite Care For?

Our respite care team from Richmond is available for as many or as few hours as you require it. This can be over the course of a few hours a day, a few days a week, or on a daily live-in basis for a temporary duration. It can simply be for one business trip or holiday overseas.

Transition Care in Richmond and Central London

If you or your loved one has recently been discharged from hospital, they may benefit from respite care (also known as ‘short-term care’) during the recovery period at home. This may only be for a few weeks or over weekends, but can make all the difference in lifting the weight off the recovering party. Our caretakers in Richmond are experienced in making sure the transition from hospital to everyday life is a gradual, comfortable one, by providing plenty of on-hand assistance to the affected parties. Our caretakers would also be happy to update any concerned relatives on the progress or developments of their loved one during their convalesce period.

VIP Carers is proud to provide reliable support to residents throughout Richmond and Central London, by being available to relieve routine caregivers from their duties for as long as required, or simply to step in for a temporary duration. To discuss the respite care needs of you or your loved one, simply get in touch with us using the contact form, or give us a call.