Hourly Home Care in Richmond

Our hourly home care in is a great option for those who require some support throughout the week. Even a few hours of assistance with PA work, housework, chores, medication or simply companionship, can be of great relief to those who are housebound or struggling to function on their own.

Our hourly home care is designed to suit the needs of high-end clients, especially those who still travel for work or holidays. We strive to bring you the maximum benefits out of the hours you receive from us. We will send in the same caretaker on a routine basis as agreed upon, in order to ensure you and your caretaker bond and gain a sense of familiarity. This will help the caretaker to come to know and understand your, easing into your routine as helpfully as possibly.

Our hourly care in Richmond is a more affordable solution to live in home care, and may be better suited to those who would like help but favour their solitude. It offers many of the same benefits, with a caretaker making themselves available to you for as many hours a day, as many days a week, as you deem necessary. It may be a far more favourable resort to anyone struggling to keep their independence.

What sort of assistance does hourly home care provide?

Our VIP caretakers in Richmond are flexible and open to your individual needs. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifications of your particular needs, be they for travel, work or domestic care.

As an example, some of the work our hourly caretakers carry out in Richmond include:

  • Assistance with work
  • Help with personal hygiene, including washing, bathing, brushing of teeth, grooming, hair care and so on
  • Cooking, setting up the table and assistance with eating and drinking
  • Washing of dishes
  • Light housework
  • Laundry
  • Car rides to appointments
  • Help to facilitate overseas travel
  • Administering of and reminders for medication
  • Help with shopping and general errands
  • PA work
  • Help with recreational activities, hobbies and interests within the home or beyond the property
  • Companionship, such as conversing and playing board games
  • Assistance with disabilities

If you or your loved one require hourly care visits, get in contact with our friendly team of caretakers today.